Feed D Need

A non profit organization that assist persons who have difficulties in meeting their basic needs.

Food, Clothing etc.


Welcome to Feed D Need.

We are a non profit organization located 58-60 Charlotte st, Pos, Trinidad. We started in March 2017. 

We assist persons who lack the basic necessities of life. Food, Clothing etc.

In early 2018 we had a single mother who had nothing to eat, unable to work because of an accident and was extremely frustrated. She became emotional to the point of tears. We were able to assist her at least temporarily.

With you're help we can do a lot more  for more people. Become a donor today and encourage others to do the same. 

The joy of helping save or improve someone's life can't be put into words.

We are kindly asking you to donate to our organization whatever food items you can. It will be greatly appreciated by us and those we're helping. 

Persons who wish to make a financial contribution via Credit Card/PayPal can click the donate button below.

If you're from Trinidad & Tobago and you don't have a PayPal account you can make your contribution at any RBC account # 19107406218. 

We encourage you to help us spread the word by SHARING our site, so other persons can get on board and become a part of the Feed D Need Family.

You can Call/WhatsApp our contact numbers.

Thank you in advance for giving & sharing our site.

Thank You

We would like to offer our heart felt thanks to Mr Wharwood. He was our very 1st donor in 2017 and his donation was very much appreciated. Because of his kindness we were able to assist multiple persons, including a family who were in need at the time. May God richly bless you sir.

Thank you Mr Mayor

We would like to say thank you to the Mayor of Port of Spain for his kind donation to our organization. It will definitely go a long way towards us helping those that come to us for assistance. God richly bless you and yours.